Speak when needed

Have you ever seen those people who just speak for the sake of speaking because they don’t like being quiet?

Yeah, I’m sure you have and the world is full of them.

They go on and on, blabbering all day.

People should talk when they have something important and meaningful to say and not just to keep the conversation going. If you happen to run out of things to say, then most likely there is nothing to say, simple as that. So don’t start talking about how you ran out of milk this morning, because no one cares.

Bad For Your Health

Speaking is actually good for you both emotionally and health wise, but too much of it gives the opposite effect, I will mention only two:

There is this weird thought with people, that when they pause for a few seconds they consider that to be an ‘awkward’ moment. Instead of seeing it to be a small break or thinking/breathing time.

Don’t Scream

Another thing to point out is shouting and screaming. According to a study in Occupational Medicine, 53% of teachers have suffered from some sort of voice problem. Teachers need to control their anger and students need to do their homework.

Also David Rosow, M.D., an otolaryngologist at the University of Miami School of Medicine said: “I recently took care of a patient who developed a polyp—a benign growth of the vocal folds—after screaming at a basketball game.” So take it easy with the cheering as well.


Only speak when needed and do it gently.


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