6 Tips on Building a Successful Instagram Account

For the past 2 months, I have been working on my new startup called Foolishness File and I have found out that the best social media platform is Instagram.

But why?

Because the engagment is really high compared to the other social media platforms, you are able to get more likes, follows and comments (even more than Facebook and twitter). Don’t believe me? Head over to the social media pages on Foolishness File and compare them yourself.

So How Do You Build An Instagram Account?

  1. Post Regularly: Posting frequently shows that you have an active instagram account which increases your chances to get followers, since people don’t like to follow dead and lazy accounts. Post around 2-3 times daily!
  2. Don’t be Selfish: Show appreciation to others by liking their pictures and commenting. This can also increase your visibility amongst instagram users when they get a notification that you liked and commented on their photos. In return you will usually get a like or a follow, so it’s a very important part of building your instagram account.
  3. Brand your Images: The last thing you want to happen is someone taking your images and posting them as their own without giving you any credit. Apps like Phonto allow you to write on your pictures, so take advantage of it!
  4. Shout Outs: The fastest way to get followers is to purchase shout outs from bigger accounts. You can pay an acccount with 20-40k followers $15 for around 3 shout outs. Nothing better than letting your money work for you right? But, don’t expect to gain a massive following from one or two shout outs. (I will write more on shout outs later).
  5. Put a Profile Picture and Bio: You need to have a professional looking logo and bio so people know what your about. No one follows an account with no logo and description except spam bots.
  6. Use Targetted Hastags: The best way to target the right people is to use the right hashtags, so if your in entrepreneurship, then use hastags such as #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship etc. Make sure you save a few on your notepad and paste them in the comments, after the caption.

There is a lot more on how to build a successful account, but these are great to get you started. This is how we got over 1k+ followers on instagram in two months! (without buying followers)


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