Harms of Sitting for too long

Can Sitting for Long Kill You?

For the past year I have been sitting for most of my days on a sofa infront of my laptop screen or staring out of the window. Although I did learn a lot of stuff online, I did much harm to my body as I sat down eating those chocolate muffins and croissants.

See For Yourself

Sitting too much is so harmful that even if you do exercise daily, it can still harm you. You need to understand that your body is meant to be active. I haven’t really told you everything about the harms of sitting too much, but you can see for yourself on AsapSCIENCE if you have three minutes to learn (it’s called Asap for a reason).

Speaking of Science…

Since we’re on the science topic, I have started watching atleast 3 short educational videos a day (mainly science) to get a bit ‘smarter’ everyday. There is this saying which goes like, “Improve yourself by 1% a day and by the end of the year you would be 365% better.” or words to that meaning.

Are You Up for The Challenge?

In the next few days I will publish a list of educational youtube channels so we can expand our knowledge together and take on the “3 videos a day challenge”. But before you take the challenge I need you to subscribe to the blog (if you already haven’t) so you can recieve an email when I publish the list of youtube channels. In the meantime you can get started with the AsapScience Channel to get a headstart.

Prepare youself for next post!


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