Self Development Through YouTube

Get Smarter on Youtube

In my last post, I said that I would be publishing a list of youtube channels that offer useful information that can help get you smarter everyday. If you were to take out less than 5 minutes each day to watch one educational youtube video, you could improve by an average of 1% daily (if you learnt something from the video). Doing this on a regular basis will result in even higher results in self development since there are 365 days in a year. If  you were to do this everyday then you would be 365% better that what you were last year!

You Can Do More.

But that is only the bare minimum for what you can really do. What if you took out 15 minutes out of your day to watch three videos, meaning you improved your self by 3% everyday. Do you know how much better you would be by next year? Yeah, that’s right 1,095% better than your current self and for free.

You Can Do A Lot More.

To be honest with you, 15 minutes a day is nothing compared to the time the average person wastes doing unproductive things. Most people could easily free up 30 minutes of their time to watch around six educational videos everyday and have fun while doing it. Doing that regularly means that next your you will be better by 2,190% than what you are today in terms of knowledge.

And More…But Please Don’t Get Carried Away.

You see, this is not limited to only videos and I still wouldn’t recommend watching 6 videos everyday unless you are 100% sure you can commit to that. Because some people can get excited and start watching hours worth of video on one day and then watch nothing for the rest of the week resulting in a halt to their self development (unless you are doing some other self development activity in that time). For that reason it would be better if you stick to something small that you can easily do everyday such as watching three videos a day which still results in a high self development of 1,095% per year.

A Thing About This List.

But there is one thing I didn’t mention about the list. It’s full of interesting and thought provoking information than you could have imagined. You can find answers to questions that never came to your mind but you really want to know about. I personally was able to answer my baby brothers strange questions after watching some of the videos in this list (stuff like “what is the tallest dinosaur”, “How high can we build” etc).

The List.

So here’s the list of YouTube channels:









There are a lot more channels than what there is on the list but these are my favourite channels that have taught me more than any other channels out there. They don’t take much of your time and they have really interesting information which makes them a perfect fit for the challenge. If you follow my learning journey you will get to know more YouTube channels as time goes by.

Are You Up or Down?

Coming to think about it either way you would be agreeing to take the challenge (but it’s still upto you to complete it).

So are you ready to watch 3 videos a day for the rest of the year and be over 1,000% better than what you are today? I’m assuming you are, because otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading. So lets go and get better than our yesterday’s self.

How much better (%) are you planning to get by next year? I would love to hear about your goals in the comments below.


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