4 Ways Business People Can Use Wakelet for Marketing


Not another social platform!

Or at least that’s what I first thought when the founder of Wakelet jumped into the lecture theater to give us a “quick” overview about Wakelet.

I don’t like social media, I hate boring lectures and the last thing I needed was this.

It wasn’t until a few minutes passed and I was totally hooked!

I thought, this guy might be onto something.

As business people, bloggers and travellers, we tend to create a reasonable amount of content and we’re always looking for ways to promote our businesses.

Wakelet is still ripe. It’s growing and you’ll have to push with the crowd if you leave this for later. In fact, If you’re reading this in a year other than 2017… then you’re late.

Read on.

To be brief, Wakelet is a platform that helps you neatly share content based on topic in any format.

Now that may sound kind of boring, but you gotta give this one a chance. I’ve listed just 4 benefits you can gain from using Wakelet right now.

So dive right in…

1. Organize Different Types of Content Based on Topic

Wakelet allows you to create a Wake (which is basically a virtual board where you put content on a bit like pinterest) but lets you organize content based on topic rather than content type. Let’s say you want to create a Wake for “Food”. But, you’ve got videos, images, blog posts, books and you want to combine them all under one wake because they’re all on the same topic “Food”. With Wakelet, you can do that easily with their drag and drop feature it’s what makes Wakelet stand out from all the other platforms out there.

wakelet profile screenshot


You can add images

wakelet burger

You can add links to blog posts

wakelet potato

You can add links to books & products

wakelet book

Any content format you can think of can be added to a Wake. If not, the Wakelet team have specifically said that they are open to feedback and suggestions so send away!

And just in case you’re not interested in sharing anything with the public you can simply use Wakelet for storing your content and setting the wake to private so only you can see it.

2. Cross Platform Compatible

Wakelet is can make life easier. At any time you can share wakes with others. If you download the chrome extension you can bookmark and add interesting things right away without having to visit the Wakelet site… talk about convenience.

Compared to uploading different types of content on different platforms you can simply upload it all into a Wake and share it across all your platforms. So it really saves you the time and headache.

Let’s assume you travel a lot and you like to take photos of the places you visit and then share them for the world to see. In this case, you visit China and you’ve got a combination of images, videos and links to restaurants and services you’ve used. You create a wake for it and easily embed it on your site by copy and pasting the script Wakelet gives you.

As a blogger, I actually found the embedding thing kinda cool. I’m thinking of embedding Wakes to this blog so hold on tight!

3. Iteration of Ideas

Wakelet is still considered to be in its early days yet many users have created a lot of content on Wakelet. There’s plenty of educational and travel related content on Wakelet.

Take this Wake as an example “Manchester Summer Bucket List” it listed many things I’d like to do for this summer in Manchester. I didn’t have to do any research or ask anyone for things to do in Manchester, I simply found a wake.

Similarly you can find Wakes on healthy food, places to visit, books to read and much more. So if you want to learn something new, want to find something to do or just want to fill up your idea bank then explore the Wakes on Wakelet.

4. Reach a New Audience

Wakelet was originally developed for travelers but ended up being useful to a much wider audience. It has a lot of users who are interested in traveling, sports and much more. The site gets around 200,000 unique visitors per month (as of May 2017) and hasn’t done any marketing yet so there is a huge potential for growth. Those who jump onto this platform before it gets crowded will get a better advantage over those who don’t.

They’re about to start marketing their platform vigorously and I just wanted to let you know the inside scoop before it’s too late.


So as you can see Wakelet is actually a platform worth checking out. It allows you to organize content based on topic rather than type/format. It’s a hybrid between social media and a blog… yet can be shared on both.

Whatever it is, it sure does help organizing and presenting my content in a more appropriate way.

Most importantly it saves time and you can’t buy more of that.

So go ahead, do yourself a favor and… Make a Wake!





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