FeedMe: A 4-in-1 App Idea for Healthy Religious Eating, Delivery & Travel

Does this sound familiar?

You’re hungry and you want to eat badly.

The only problem is you can’t find any local places for food because guess what, you’re on a halal/kosher diet!

Not all those restaurants you crave out there serve halal/kosher food.

And although the halal/kosher market is growing, supply isn’t catching up.

To make things worse, there aren’t any decent apps out there that can help with finding and ordering halal/kosher food. So, I’ve thought of something that can solve this problem.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present… FeedMe! The user-friendly companion that helps you find halal/kosher food places, create a healthy halal/kosher meal plan, discover new recipes and instantly order food.

USP: Why this App?

But, aren’t there apps out there that already do that?

Well no, not exactly.

FeedMe allows users to do tasks that 4-5 individual apps would do. I’ll explain…

Halal/Kosher Food Finding App – All have poor user interface (UI), have many missing food items in their database and slow/poor customer service. FeedMe will focus to do better in this area.

Halal/Kosher Grocery Scanning – Allows you to scan groceries and find out whether they are halal/kosher or not.

Recipe Finding App – Users will also have the option to tap on a dish (in the meal plan) and find easy-to-follow instructions on how to make them. All halal and kosher recipes.

Nutrition Tracker App – For counting calories and choosing the right types of macro-nutrients according to your goal i.e. high protein foods with customized meal plan. Examples, MyPlate Calorie Tracker and Calorie Counter.

Taxi/Delivery App – Order food from restaurants directly or through a third-party service such as Deliveroo on the app or find the best route to get there using public transport or ordering an Uber.

According to a survey I did, 73.7% of respondents believe that the size of an app is important so this not only saves mobile memory storage but it’ll be a more user-friendly app with many rich features to lead a healthy and convenient halal/kosher life.

How it Will Work

In the beginning the app will allow the user to input their goals, dietary preferences and personal body measurements in order to create their meal plan. There is also a “none” option for those who don’t have a health goal and don’t want a meal plan created for them. The figure below shows the steps (read from left to right and down).Zak_assignment_logo-1

To create a more custom meal plan according to what people like to eat, users can tell FeedMe the foods they like and dislike.

When a meal plan is created, users can tap on a food item (in their meal plan) such as “Oatmeal” and get a set of instructions on how to make it, a map with supermarkets that sell the ingredients or food places that make it.


Users can then order from the restaurant directly, through Deliveroo or get an Uber to take them there.

Grocery items can be scanned or searched for. Users can read ingredients of specific items and see if they are halal/kosher or not. If the item isn’t halal/kosher it will suggest alternatives when available.

Target Audience


To be brief, people on the Halal/Kosher diet who like to eat healthy or at least want to organize their meals, count their calories or want to find/scan halal/kosher food with a peace of mind. They are mostly based in western countries.

How Does It Make Money?


That’s what a serious investor like Kevin O’Leary would ask.

A delivery or Uber taxi can be ordered from the app to make it more convenient for those who want to be taken immediately to that restaurant. This Uber and restaurant referral will also be a source of income for the app.

Users can also order food using Uber Eats, Deliveroo or directly from the restaurant so this referral will be another source of income.

Future Improvements

At some point, the app could potentially be used to calculate monthly food expenses based on the meal plan OR base the meal plan according to a set budget. The food prices could be based on local supermarket/restaurant prices if the user shares their location with the app.

Become a Co-Founder…


cofounders wanted

Are you an excellent developer interested in partnering up so we can build this together?

I’m not a developer so I’ll need one to build and maintain this. I could pay someone but I think it’s best to find a great developer who wants to make an impact in the halal/kosher market.

Of course you can go ahead and steal the whole idea but there’s still more to do that just develop the app. Execution is the hardest part which is why I’m not afraid to share most ideas.

I mean there’s marketing it, certifying grocery items to be halal/kosher, getting restaurants to actually list their restaurant on the app to accept deliveries and other stuff.

Not to mention that I’ve only mentioned the main features of the app and not everything that could be done. Because I didn’t want to make this blog post really long.

There’s also the vision of how to improve this for the future in this fast evolving tech startup space of ours. So if you’re not a “visionary” kind of person then you could face problems down the line.

Either way, you can still go ahead and do it on your own OR partner up with me as a co-founder of FeedMe no matter where you live.

Wanna be co-founder? Contact me with the subject line “FeedMe Co-founder” and make sure to list your skills and past work.


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