Hello I’m Zak, the founder of Foolishness File. You can get to know me by reading my blog or you can just check out my Linkedin profile if you want to know my educational background.

Okay Okay, here’s a short story…

I never cared about school, I used to sleep in class… and…

Well, I thought what’s the point in working hard to get an ‘A’ if I could pass with an ‘E’? I mean I’d still be in the same class as the ‘A’ students anyway, so what’s the point, right?

You can say, I was your average lazy student that professors didn’t like.

But as soon as I graduated from University and had to look for a job… things changed.

I realized this was the real world now and just passing with an ‘E’ won’t cut it.

I had to be the best if I ever wanted to get a chance to succeed in the business world.

Otherwise, I’d live on a lousy paycheck for the rest of my life.

So, I went on a journey…

A journey to learn and succeed in business.

I went from a person who hates reading to a regular reader. In fact, I read everyday now!

I went from a person who didn’t mind just passing a test, to someone who wants to be #1.

I invest in courses and books all the time.

I’m learning a new skill all the time.

I’ve learnt bookkeeping, blogging, copywriting, influencer marketing, social media marketing and much more in just a year.

I started an ecommerce business that failed, then I got inspired to learn from failures like some billionaires do… and that’s where Foolishness File came from.

That’s not all! I do have a few hobbies such as the Ninjutsu classes that I started recently. So it’s not just stuff I do behind a desk.

Enough About Me… What’s In It for You?

Great question.

You get to follow my journey to becoming rich so you can virtually see how it’s happening.

Learn some stuff that I learn on the way.


Honestly, at the moment I’d say this blog is all about my journey to becoming a… wait for it… billionaire.

Yep, I said the ‘b’ word.

Everytime I mention the ‘b’ word, people want to know how I’ll do it.

It’s a great question, but there is no straight forward answer.

All I can say is watch and see.

Check out the bucket list I have. Subscribe to the blog. Even better, join Foolishness File’s newsletter by downloading some of the free stuff on there that interest you.

It’s just a matter of time until I become a billionaire. Hopefully, you won’t just sit and watch, but you’ll actually get to work too.


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