Bucket List

A list of the things I want to do in my life…

(Last Updated: 21 November 2017)

  1. Publish 125 guest posts.
  2. Complete my IAB bookkeeping course (1/3 so far).
  3. Get 1k followers on twitter.
  4. Start a tech business.
  5. Complete 3 copywriting jobs.
  6. Do tradecraft marketing training.
  7. Help someone build a 6-figure business.
  8. Get 30k followers on Foolishness File instagram.
  9. Read 100 books (33 so far).
  10. Read 250 books.
  11. Read 1,000 books.
  12. Flip 1 property.
  13. Flip a second property.
  14. Flip a third property.
  15. Flip 10 properties and start building a property investment portfolio.
  16. Earn 4-figures per month from the tech business.
  17. Get 1 post to rank in the top 3 results in Google.
  18. Get 2 posts to rank in the top 3 results in Google.
  19. Get 3 posts to rank in the top 3 results in Google.
  20. Launch an App to the Play Store
  21. Launch an App to the App Store
  22. Publish a book.
  23. Publish a second book.
  24. Publish a third book.
  25. Publish a fourth book.
  26. Publish a fifth book.
  27. Get featured in a press release.
  28. Start a premium marketing firm of some sorts.
  29. Purchase a money making website that requires low maintenance.
  30. Purchase an eCommerce business generating 4-figures a month.
  31. Purchase an app with more than 50,000 downloads and monetization potential.
  32. Purchase an existing app that makes at least 2-figures a month.
  33. Create 3 email courses.
  34. Make 6-figures a year.
  35. Start a second tech business.
  36. Make 7-figures a year.
  37. Start an eCommerce business.
  38. Make 8-figures a year.
  39. Start a food based business.
  40. Make 9-figures a year.
  41. Start an agriculture and farming business.
  42. Make 10-figures a year.
  43. Start a third tech business.
  44. Make 11-figures a year.
  45. Start a fourth tech business.
  46. Make 12-figures a year.
  47. Get an investor to invest in one of my startups.
  48. Make one business go public (IPO).
  49. Sell 100% of one of my businesses.
  50. Build a skyscraper.
  51. Start a charitable organization.
  52. Invest in a startup.
  53. Invest in a second startup.
  54. Invest in a third startup.
  55. Get 10k email subscribers for Foolishness File.
  56. Start a fitness business.
  57. Start a hospital/medical center.
  58. Start a private educational institute/school/university.
  59. Make an FDA approved product.
  60. Visit all 196 countries in the world (at least 24 hours each).
  61. Drive in all 196 countries.
  62. Make one business reach unicorn status.
  63. Make 2 businesses reach unicorn status.
  64. Make 3 businesses reach unicorn status.
  65. Get a Bachelors Degree.
  66. Get a Graduate Degree.
  67. Get an MSc degree.
  68. Get a First Aid certificate.
  69. Get a personal fitness trainer certificate.
  70. Get a nutritionist certificate.
  71. Get Metabolic Typing certified.
  72. Do the Gemologist program.
  73. Learn how to use essential oils and plant based remedies.
  74. Learn Medical Terminology.
  75. Take a mechanic course.
  76. Do Bikeability training.
  77. Fulfill all my promises to family and friends.
  78. Translate a book from Arabic to English or English to Arabic.
  79. Become fluent in Turkish.
  80. Become fluent in Spanish.
  81. Become fluent in French.
  82. Learn fishing.
  83. File IPO for my holding company.
  84. Create the best business culture and happiest employees.
  85. Start a clothing/fashion business.
  86. Start a second food based business.
  87. Run a 5K.
  88. Run a 10K.
  89. Run a marathon.
  90. Participate in a triathlon.
  91. Do a 5K obstacle race.
  92. Do a 10k obstacle race.
  93. Start a manufacturing business.
  94. Start an AI business.
  95. Get a verified badge on Facebook.
  96. Get a verified badge on Twitter.
  97. Get a verified badge on Instagram.
  98. Get a verified badge on Wakelet.
  99. Upload a video on my YouTube channel.
  100. Fly a helicopter.
  101. Fly a single-engine plane.
  102. Fly a small jet.
  103. Fly a commercial jet.
  104. Fly a light sport aircraft.
  105. Fly a seaplane.
  106. Fly a fighter jet.
  107. Drive a boat.
  108. Drive a dinghy.
  109. Drive a Jet Ski.
  110. Go Kayaking.
  111. Go Canoeing.
  112. Go Gliding.
  113. Go paragliding.
  114. Go Hang Gliding.
  115. Play Golf at a famous Golf course.
  116. Get an advanced driving license.
  117. Get a motorbike license.
  118. Get a truck license.
  119. Drive a car at 350 km/h.
  120. Drive a car at 430 km/h.
  121. Drive an Open-Wheel car.
  122. Learn Drifting from a Professional.
  123. Climb a mountain.
  124. Live in a wildlife for a week.
  125. Meet all my teachers and people who helped me in my life – reward them immensely.
  126. Achieve 5% body fat.
  127. Maintain 8% body fat for 1 year.
  128. Build a household brand product.
  129. Help at least one person from every country.
  130. Get someone to tell me my bucket list is insane and impossible to achieve.
  131. Buy a piece of land for planting.
  132. Buy a piece of land in Alya, Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
  133. Get a second degree for something that can’t be self taught.
  134. Start a new drink/beverage line.
  135. Get another nationality.
  136. Invent something.
  137. Start an electronic hardware business.
  138. Become the largest importer/exporter of something in one country.
  139. Patent something.
  140. Start a Restaurant.
  141. Grow the Restaurant to 35 branches.
  142. Become a majority shareholder of a telecom company.
  143. Become a shareholder in a good Saudi Company.
  144. Go to a fitness retreat.
  145. Go hiking.
  146. Go trekking.
  147. Build a Masjid.
  148. Build an Igloo.
  149. Go bird hunting.
  150. Go fishing.
  151. Build a brick wall.
  152. Build a small brick house (with my own hands).
  153. Build a wooden hut (with my own hands).
  154. Go surfing.
  155. Go Kite-surfing.
  156. Raise 1 Million rice grains for donation via freerice.com (21,000/1,000,000).
  157. Collect ALL notes and coins from every currency.
  158. Travel from one country to another by Ship.
  159. Take 4 cooking courses.
  160. Participate in a bicycle race.
  161. Participate in a car race.
  162. Participate in a motorbike race.
  163. Get 1 Million views on Quora.
  164. Eat at 1,000 restaurants.
  165. See the northern lights.
  166. See the northern lights from every country that has them.
  167. Drink all types of teas.
  168. Drink all types of coffees.
  169. Swim in every ocean.
  170. Get a photograph published on mag or newspaper.
  171. Do a Mensa IQ test for fun.
  172. Walk the Inca Trail.
  173. Go on 100 Orienteering Courses.
  174. Try 7 dishes from all cuisines.
  175. Climb the scariest, best and famous stairs.
  176. Have an Ibusuki sand-bath.