FeedMe: A 4-in-1 App Idea for Healthy Religious Eating, Delivery & Travel

Does this sound familiar?

You’re hungry and you want to eat badly.

The only problem is you can’t find any local places for food because guess what, you’re on a halal/kosher diet!

Not all those restaurants you crave out there serve halal/kosher food.

And although the halal/kosher market is growing, supply isn’t catching up.

To make things worse, there aren’t any decent apps out there that can help with finding and ordering halal/kosher food. So, I’ve thought of something that can solve this problem.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present…Read More »


50+ Tech Websites for Startups and Entrepreneurs

As I was on instagram looking for someone to give Foolishness File a shoutout , I encountered an interesting page called the thewebmate and they had some really great recourses.

I found something really interesting and relevant to what I was posting in the Reccomendations section of my site and it pretty much had the full package that is needed for a tech startup. 50 tech websites for startups and entrepreneurs, you should really check it out and even subscribe to the newsletter. The founder of the webmate, stefanos is very helpful and friendly, he will answer your questions about marketing if you have any.

by the way, I do not get paid a commision or anything by sharing this. Its just resourcful information I had to share.

Don’t have enough time for your startup? Then read this!

Think your busy? Yes……No, your not. You just want to be busy because it makes you feel important and satisfied.

The truth is, most people that claim to be busy spend most of their time doing unproductive things that don’t really matter. For example, when writing a report some people focus on unimportant things such as word quantity, a good looking front cover and unnecessary graphs & images etc. 9 times out of 10, your boss or professor doesn’t even care as long as you answer the main questions in your report.Read More »

Entrepreneurs: A bit of everything

When most entrepreneurs launch a new business they are normally alone or with another two or three individuals. Which means that they should know all aspects of business from market research, to product development, production, marketing to sales and many more.

You must learn all aspects of the business if you cannot afford to outsource them which is the case with many entrepreneurs out there. For this reason the slogan of this blog is ‘a bit of everything’ since entrepreneurs really need to wear many hats in the business.Read More »