Daily Fluid intake requirement

So How Much Water do you Really Need?

The most common advice is 2-3 liters of fluids, but no one ever told you the precise quantity.

You’re probably thinking, does a precise quantity exist?

Yes and it’s varies for each person.

The good news is… it’s easy to calculate.

I’m about to show you exactly how much fluid you need to consume everyday.

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Harms of Sitting for too long

Can Sitting for long Kill You?

For the past year I have been sitting for most of my days on a sofa infront of my laptop screen or staring out of the window. Although I did learn a lot of stuff online, I did much harm to my body as I sat down eating those chocolate muffins and croissants.

See For Yourself

Sitting too much is so harmful that even if you do exercise daily, it can still harm you. You need to understand that your body is meant to be active.Read More »

Speak when needed

Have you ever seen those people who just speak for the sake of speaking because they don’t like being quiet?

Yeah, I’m sure you have and the world is full of them.

They go on and on, blabbering all day.

People should talk when they have something important and meaningful to say and not just to keep the conversation going. If you happen to run out of things to say, then most likely there is nothing to say, simple as that. So don’t start talking about how you ran out of milk this morning, because no one cares.Read More »