Don’t have enough time for your startup? Then read this!

Think your busy? Yes……No, your not. You just want to be busy because it makes you feel important and satisfied.

The truth is, most people that claim to be busy spend most of their time doing unproductive things that don’t really matter. For example, when writing a report some people focus on unimportant things such as word quantity, a good looking front cover and unnecessary graphs & images etc. 9 times out of 10, your boss or professor doesn’t even care as long as you answer the main questions in your report.Read More »


Travelling wastes alot of time, so make use of it

Now that its summer vacation time, most people are likely to travel on a plane which consumes a lot of time and most people do nothing productive during that time. But if you want to reach your goals faster, then you can’t afford to waste that time. You’ve got some work to do!

Isn’t Summer Supposed to be ‘Chilling’ Time?

What? You want to just chill for the next 3 months? It depends how soon you want to achieve your goals. If you want to get there fast then you will have to work even on your ‘vacation’.Read More »