He who does have the two A’s shall live an unworthy life. (They are: Ambition + Action)

It’s not wasted time if it’s spent doing good.

Suffer now and rest later as a winner.

The dead have lost their chance, as for YOU then not yet. What will you do?

As long as the opportunity is permissible, take it on.

Don’t wait for others to make the changes you want. Do them yourself.

You’re here as a servant. Not a tyrant. So serve.

If you’re lazy now. You’ll regret tomorrow.

Taking Small Steps is better than no steps.

Why do some people underestimate their capabilities?

Time is not money. Time is life. Don’t waste it.

I’ll rather do it and fail with honor than play it safe like a coward.

It’s worth taking the risk if there’s a possible reward in the end.

You are responsible for your life. Whilst a leader is responsible for other’s too.

Everything you read is useless, unless you practice it.

It’s normal to feel fear. It’s also normal not to do anything about it. That’s why most people are normal. Don’t be normal.

If you were absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.

Knowledge isn’t power. Applied knowledge is power.

When I refer to something as easy, what I really mean is it’s doable.

There are no excuses. Only well planted lies.